Paddle Board Accessories

Part of the LIVE Experience and the advantage of our paddle board collection is the capability to customize and accessorize your paddle board. The integrated Yak Attack tracks on the L2Fish and L4Expedition allow for the installation of dozens upon dozens of accessories to fit your needs. From the simple tie-downs providing anchor points for your cooler and seat, to an assortment of fishing necessities like rod holders, fish finder holders, paddle holders and fish wells - your choices are nearly limitless. 

Learn How To Customize Your Paddle Board

Here, you will find some examples of how to accessorize your board as well as how to install the accessories. Check back frequently for additional tips, photos, and set up videos. 

Install of Yak Attack Mighty Mount

Discover how to install the Yak Attack Mighty Mount to remove the flex from the L2Fish GearTrac when using a "boom type" camera mount. This is also useful for Rod Holders as well, giving them more support.

Install of Power - Pole Micro to LIVE L2Fish

Learn how to mount a Power-Pole Micro to the L2Fish stand up paddleboard.