About LIVE Watersports

Born of creative and innovative design, and backed by a relentless, hard working and imaginative team, LIVE Watersports looks to redefine the norm in the paddleboard world.

Our goal is to create and design boards that help everyone, old and young, big and small, athlete and weekend warrior to find and enjoy their passion. After all, it all boils down to one question: 

What do you live for?

Located on the West Coast of Florida, we utilize a detailed molding process to ensure the highest quality and precision. We incorporate cutting edge marine material technologies to increase strength, durability, and comfort while still minimizing weight for maximum portability. The result of this revolutionary design are LIVE Watersports' stand up paddle boards: the L2Fish and L2Utility. They are nearly impossible to roll or pearl, yet light enough and comfortable enough for paddlers of all sizes to enjoy.

LIVE Watersports is the brainchild of head honcho John Cleckner.