The catamaran design (as well as hydro-V design in the L2Utility) provides unrivaled stability and control. The dual hulls allow a user to go from side to side and front to back with great balance. This provides a much larger TRUE usable space on our large platform deck for any paddler. 


Another advantage of the catamaran design is its performance in the water, allowing the board to ride on less surface area than your typical paddle board.  This allows our rather large boards to perform as good if not better than a lot of smaller boards, even being timed in excess of 6MPH (L2Fish) on a race course. The ease of paddling is perfect for both your training enthusiast, as well as those brand new to the sport. 


We designed our boards with our users adventure’s in mind.  One of the keys to a good adventure, is being properly prepared with everything you may need.  Our boards provide large carrying capacities (as much as 700lbs) to ensure that whatever your adventure, you have plenty of room to bring all the gear, supplies or friends you need.