The LIVE Date Day Rig

It's a beautiful Sunday mornin'. Grab your board, grab your partner, pack up and head to the water.

Here's how to rig your boards to cruise the inter-coastal, lake or springs in style with your better half...

Things you'll need:

Place the chair at the very front edge of the padding of the board and mount the cup holder on either the port or starboard side of the board in the tracks. 

Attach the micro anchor through the handle of the board with a bowline knot. You will be standing and paddling slightly closer to the back of the board than usually if you were on a solo trip. This is where you'll rig your paddle holder on the tracks as well.

Behind you, on the far back of the pad, you'll place your cooler and tie downs to secure it.

By rigging the board in this manner, the weight on the board will be properly distributed to make your outing both comfortable and enjoyable for you and your significant other.